Jazz Reharmonization – O Danny Boy

Here’s a reharmonization of the popular Irish ballad ‘O Danny Boy’ (a.k.a. ‘Londonderry Air’) that I did using techniques such as modifying chord color as well as time/meter changes, inserting chromatic passing chords among others, to enrich a standard tune. (Song starts at 1:05).

(Recorded on an Estonia L-190 using the wonderful Earthworks PM-40 PianoMic system, straight into Cakewalk SONAR X2 Producer. Some very basic mastering was done to add a touch of eq, dynamics and reverb).


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    • Thanks Jeffrey! The one I’m using is somewhat rough, with penciled in changes. When I create one (hopefully soon!) I’ll post it.
      Cheers, Ramona

  1. Danny boy is generally played during the loss of a loved one..balancing the substitute chords is critical not to be confused as a student exercise. Currently I.m arraging it for big band + strings on my Tyros 5. I do follow Dr. Barry Harris and value his inner voice movements during his extreme chordal substituion usage. We must never lose siight of the simplicity of this meody and the impact it has among listeners during special events. A pleasure to meet you..

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