A New Leaf

Ramona Borthwick
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Ramona Borthwick (piano, keyboard, voice)
Noel Borthwick (guitar)
Phil Grenadier (trumpet)
Fernando Huergo (bass)
Ziv Ravitz (drums)
Esperanza Spalding (voice on 2 & 11))

“On this new CD, Ramona Borthwick’s first, she displays a wonderful talent for composition and imagination in the various settings she chose for the pieces. Her playing is also creative and energetic. If this is her first installment, we can eagerly keep track of Ramona’s coming chapters. Something nice is developing here.”

“Shape shifting and extremely warm, ‘A New Leafis a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end, and marks a terrific and important debut album from a fine composer and player. Most certainly, Ramona Borthwick is someone to watch.”
-BUDD KOPPMAN, All About Jazz [full review]

“Ramona Borthwick has made a major statement with this superb initial release.”
– BILLBOARD.com [full review]

‘A New Leaf’ is pianist Ramona Borthwick’s debut CD offering as a leader. Featuring Ramona (piano, voice), Phil Grenadier (trumpet), Noel Borthwick (guitar), Fernando Huergo (bass), Ziv Ravitz (drums) and guest Esperanza Spalding (voice), this all-original CD effuses an unusual cohesion, depth & beauty.

Track Listing:

1. A New Leaf
2. Garbarero
3. Two’s Complement
4. Home
5. Latin Quarter
6. Dark Secrets Of Three Blind Mice
7. Baarah Sur
8. Lifelines
9. Lotus Lake
10. Indian Summer
11. Ottawa Thaw

All compositions by Ramona Borthwick, except Two’s Complement co-written with Noel Borthwick, and Dark Secrets of Three Blind Mice by Noel Borthwick.
Total playing time: 69:11 minutes
Produced by Ramona & Noel Borthwick
Recorded on 16 & 17 May, 2005
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Contrimas, PBS Studios, Westwood, MA
Art/Graphic design by Leitmotif
℗ & © 2006 Leitmotif (ASCAP)