Pianist & teacher Ramona Borthwick is actively involved with music education conducting jazz workshops and private music lessons in classical and jazz performance at the Leitmotif Piano Studio in Watertown-Belmont, MA. She also offers piano lessons online to students across the US and overseas. Several of her younger students currently occupy chairs in jazz bands and combos in Boston area schools, while many have moved on to pursue musical careers.

For more information on classical piano or jazz improvisation lessons, and to schedule a meeting online or at the studio, contact Ramona.

“Every lesson was full of fantastic revelations. She crafted lessons and assignments to fit my interests and weaknesses as a player.”

“Ramona is remarkable: she meets you where you are, regardless of your background, and develops from there. Whatever you can do easily, she ignores and focuses on what needs improvement.”

“The relationship Ramona has fostered with my son has become what it will always be one of the most profound of his lifetime, central to the quality of his daily life, cultivating not just a better player (in more than a musical sense), but a better person, more curious, more compassionate, more adventurous, more confident. Ramona’s are the most fortunate piano students imaginable.”

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