Piano Lessons at the Studio

Piano Lessons at the Leitmotif Studio – Classical & Jazz Improvisation Studies

In my several years of teaching music, it has been my privilege and blessing to work with both children and adults, who bring to their music varying levels of musical experience and talents. At my studio, a creative and flexible curriculum in classical, contemporary & jazz styles is offered. Approaches to an efficient and disciplined practice ethic are discussed at each lesson. Young learners receive a substantial technical and artistic foundation, while students at higher levels learn to refine their practice methods, explore their creative and aural capabilities, while advancing to greater heights their technical, improvisational and performance skills. Talented students who are keen on improvisation can learn jazz skills at a professional level. Studies are focused and in-depth, and include a broad scope of areas including:

  • Analysis and performance of a wide range of piano repertoire
  • Technique and musical interpretation
  • Jazz improvisation
  • Music theory and harmony
  • Phrasing, rhythm & syncopation
  • Aural development
  • Composition & song writing
  • Prepping students for school (MMEA district) and music college auditions
  • Ensemble playing

I also teach instrumentalists, other than pianists, (horns, strings, voice), who aim to strengthen their skills in the areas of study mentioned above, or who choose to learn piano as a second instrument. My jazz students include horn and string players, pianists & singers, who have in common the desire to learn jazz and improvise. Many are classically trained, bringing to the instrument technical skills and a knowledge of classical music theory. They wish to stretch their creative boundaries but can often regard the process of improvisation to be a daunting prospect. With these students, I show them how jazz concepts and theory can be applied to their instrument. By equipping them with relevant knowledge and practical skills, they can get past the fear that prevents them from expressing their creativity. Ensemble playing is integral to music making, and we periodically hold jazz workshops at the studio.

Lessons are of an hour’s duration, held weekly on an individual basis. Students are encouraged to work at their weekly assignments and accomplish goals beyond what they would normally expect of themselves. If you have a specific goal or short-term project in mind, you may want to meet me on a one-off basis (a 60- or 90-minute lesson) or buy a block of lessons. Those wanting to beat the commute or living in a different city/country, can choose to have online piano lessons with me.

The Leitmotif Studio is located on the Watertown-Belmont line, in proximity to Cambridge, Belmont, Arlington, Brookline, Boston, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton, Brighton, Somerville, Waltham and Wellesley. It is equipped with a 6’3″ Estonia grand and professional recording facilities for piano.

View student testimonials here. For more information on classical piano or jazz improvisation lessons, or to schedule a meeting, send me an e-mail.