Announcing the release of my CD: ‘A New Leaf’

Ramona Borthwick - A New LeafI’m happy to let you know that my latest CD¬†“A New Leaf” has just been released!
More information here.

Thanks as always for your good vibes, positive energy and support!


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  1. Hello Ramona,

    I was checking your web site, and is so nice and the music is absolute gourgeous.
    The compositions are so, so beautiful as well as played.
    Thanks for the music, I look foward to hearing another life show, please keep me posted.


  2. Dear Ramona,
    Congratulations for this wonderful website. Your music is awsome and I am listening to it as I am writing this.
    Just like your music, this site makes me travel all around the universe.
    Lots of love,

  3. As usual, you have desinged another beautiful website. And this one is your own! It’s great to see and hear the music side of you. What can I say other than you are a true Renaissance woman.

  4. Ramona,
    It never ceases to amaze me how many people never cease to be amazed (and rightfully so) by your Amazonian achievements ūüėČ I gave you a little plug at Virtual Poona and I await the release of the new CD…Continued success to Noel and you,

    Fred Miller

  5. Hi Ramona,
    Site looks awesome and Dan keeps telling me I need to hear your group. I wish I cold have gone to see you guys the other night. Hope I get a chance to jam with you and Noel some day!

  6. A colourful and unique compilation of superb music. each composition is a masterpiece executed with absolute precision and emotion. Just sit down and relax when you listen to this and it will be a true enjoyable experience. One of the best albums ive heard. just cant wait for the next CD.

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