New CD Release: ‘ONE OF US’

Ramona Borthwick - One Of Us

Am excited to announce the release of my new CD ‘One Of Us’. The music on this project is reflective of personal experiences, and is dedicated to our wonderful planet Earth, who in all her graciousness has been sustaining us forever. The CD comprises ten original compositions that were recorded last summer with some amazing players – Ingrid Jensen (tpt), Noel Borthwick (gtr), Johannes Weidenmueller (b) & Adam Cruz (dr). Most of the tunes were written specifically for this project over a period of a few months, some of them especially with the musicians in mind. Some info on the musicians: Ingrid Jensen, a multifaceted player and one of the leading voices on the trumpet, brings her trademark fire, energy and lyricism to this project. Noel Borthwick, gifted guitarist, Cakewalk CTO and producer of this project, lent his distinctive sound to the music, and was the hardest to book for this recording ūüôā Johannes Weidenmuller, a highly sought after bass player on the New York scene, was an integral member of the Kenny Werner trio for many years and also worked with John Abercrombie, Joe Lovano, John Scofield and innumerable others. Drummer Adam Cruz a regular with Danilo Perez, has played with David Sanchez, Tom Harrell, Chris Potter, Paquito D‚ÄôRivera, and recorded with Chick Corea (Origin).

The project was recorded mixed and mastered in high definition audio format at 24 bit, 96 KHz resolution to capture and retain pristine quality throughout the production process. I believe the final results sound really good and I hope you enjoy them. This time around this project is being released in multiple formats such as:

  • Audio CD‚Äôs: Shipping now, and can be purchased from my¬†store.
  • High resolution “Instant Downloads”:¬†¬†These are higher quality than downloads available though sources like iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, etc). We acknowledge that many (or most) people today, with their busy lifestyles listen to music on the go, either via portable music devices or in their car. To facilitate this we have high resolution Instant Downloads available on our website for all the music. You can buy the album in digital format and be ready to listen with your portable music player in minutes. Every full album download includes an exclusive high res PDF of the album art and liner notes and all mp3’s come with complete ID3 information and album art ready to transfer to your mp3 player! All downloads are DRM free (no digital rights management) and can be used on any music player of your choice.
  • High Definition DVD format: For the audiophile audience, this will offer the 24bit/96KHz mastered version of this recording. This is higher quality than CD and will be playable over any modern home theatre system. We are considering releasing this in the near future so stay tuned for more updates on this.
  • Sheet Music:¬† Compositions recorded on my CD’s are now available¬†in PDF formats, each of which includes C & Bb versions. Also available is a 10 Track Collection from One Of Us.


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  1. Hi Ramona, I am really enjoying listening to your new album. What stands out for me, besides the great songwriting and use of vocals, is the interesting way that you use texture…there’s such a great mix of textures and they are used so effectively. You also use your band very well, to my ears…your work, of course, and also Noel’s (on guitar), the horn player’s and the drummer’s, very nice. It sounds like you and the band took some risks in venturing out from your previous album, and that the risks paid off. The tunes are all interesting, and I especially like the intros to a lot of the tunes…I am also very impressed that you did all the artwork; it’s quite fabulous. Congratulations!

  2. Ramona,

    I just downloaded the music in FLAC format thinking I was gettig 96/24 version and was disapointed to find it was only 44/16 bit. The description of the music says “Recorded, mixed and mastered in high definition audiophile format at 24 bit, 96 KHz resolution” and since the FLAC option was under “Audiophile” section, I think this is pretty misleading.

    • Hi Ian, thanks for purchasing the download. The FLAC format should have been available in high def 24/96 format – we’ll look into this, and you should be able re-download the full resolution FLAC later today. Will be in touch.

  3. I could see how every detail have been designed by going to its roots,and considering every minute details right from Music to CD Cover. As I had listen to your previous work on “A NEW LEAF ” I was waiting to listen to new CD. Since I bought the CD I am just listening to it all day long. So Enjoyable. I appreciate your individual effort as well as team’s. Keep up the good work. BRAVO…

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