Michel Petrucciani

Michel Petrucciani was one of my favourite pianists – I saw him perform live just once – and what an amazing, high-energy, mind-blowing concert that was!!! I had the opportunity to meet him the next day in oddly mundane surroundings – the food court in a shopping/office complex in Montreal, during the Montreal Jazz Fest in the summer of ’98. He was with some of his band members, and they were debating on what to order for their meal when I went up and spoke to him. I think he may have been one of the very few jazz musicians I’ve met who actually expressed an interest in how I had heard of his music, and what my connection to music was in general. When he learnt that I was a pianist, he immediately asked if I had any music of mine that he could listen to – of course, I didn’t then, but I came away touched by his offer to listen to my efforts. Little did I suspect that six months later, he would be no more. He was only 37 when he passed away.

I think any lover of jazz and student of piano would benefit from watching this video. It’s around 40 minutes in length, and has some touching moments during the interview with him.

And here’s a masterclass with Michel Petrucciani conducted in 1997:


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  1. Ramona.. thanks for sharing your personal touch with such a fabulous person as Michel. I hang on to every vignette and story that I hear. Your example of his desire to hear your music is just another validation that Michel was keenly aware tjat jazz extended to others around him. What a genuine spirit for jazz, music, and humanity.


  2. Hey Ramona,

    Thanks for sharing this story and the link to the documentary. The man and the music are amazing.


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