Thought I’d share the poem that’s on the CD sleeve of ‘A New Leaf’, with listeners who have chosen to buy the digital download version. That’s the one drawback of an otherwise great way to acquire music, you miss holding the sheath that wrapped the music itself – the artwork, the pullouts, artist comments and other valuable & sometimes nonsensical trivia that adds that little more to listening pleasure! This poem was written partly as a parallel to the composition ‘Home’ on the album.

the wind cradles me
I journey over waters
in their cupped palms
lands, peoples

cities on glossy postcards
transform into zip codes
in the cool land of maple and tulip
my inner landscape crossed by trails
of mango and jasmine

night falls
it is the same moon that greets me
the one from another land
a song plays from seasons before
a new leaf unfurls
like a phrase on a staff

I am home

~ rb


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  1. home

    a place i head back to
    that i’ll never belong to again
    it’s growing, probably too fast for most my family accepts,
    if not love what i am the streets are always the same
    summer heat makes crepe myrtle trees wilt
    and gumbo tastes good with beer on a hot night
    i look on the parade ground for the person i used to be
    i wonder about her sometimes
    funny, i don’t the advice i gave to my mother to simply let go
    i see my barber though we know i don’t need him anymore
    the streets are still the same
    but not me

    Erren Geraud Kelly

    i wrote it after listening to your cd…i picked it up at j and r music in nyc  

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