Live: Online Skype Piano Lesson

An excerpt from a live Skype piano lesson in 2011. The video was recorded in my studio and remotely at Abraham, my student’s residence in India. His footage was recorded using a mobile phone. This video shows how distance or busy schedules are not an obstacle to taking private lessons with me via Skype.

Here we discuss playing Victor Young’s “Stella By Starlight” with the right hand only – melody as well as chordal accompaniment in the first segment, then melody with contrapuntal responses played with the first two or three¬†fingers of the right hand. It’s more challenging than playing conventionally with both hands, as you have to hold the shape of the melody while playing an underlying chordal accompaniment or counterpoint to the melody with clarity, but it frees up your left hand to play a walking bass or complement the right hand with extended harmonies.