Jazz Worship

Composer/Arranger: Ramona Borthwick. Lyrics by The Rev’d Gretchen Grimshaw Available for purchase at: Sheet Music Plus Sheet Music Direct
JazzBlest is a completely original and delightful collection of Eucharistic service music that honors the traditional structure of an Anglican/Episcopal mass, while it reimagines the contours of its expression. The music is written for SATB voices, and is intended to be performed with the accompaniment of a jazz trio or quartet. The scores include lead sheets for the accompanists/soloists. The Gloria is joyous and uplifting, and the lyrics feature Wisdom as the image of the divine. The Gospel Acclamation features an infectious Afro-Cuban rhythm, while the setting for the Nicene Creed is both fresh and accessible; and can be readily taught to the congregation for regular use. The Doxology is a lively and textured tribute to the devotions of Anglican Caroline Divine, Lancelot Andrewes. And the Eucharistic service music offers a brand new sound for the familiar words of the Sursum Corda, Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, and Great Amen – all of which use traditional lyrics in wonderful new rhythms and progressions. The Fraction Anthem restates unity inherent in the Eucharist in fresh new musical and lyrical terms. And finally, the Benediction could not be a more uplifting jazz anthem with its accented drum beats and invitation to go in peace, go in love, and let the Holy Spirit be the guide! Credits: All of the music in JazzBlest is composed by jazz pianist/composer Ramona Borthwick, whose immense talent and musical imagination are ever present in and through this amazingly fresh liturgy. The lyrics, other than the traditional fare, are written by The Rev’d. Gretchen Grimshaw who serves as the rector of the Episcopal Parish of St. Paul, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts. Also Available: In addition to the service music from JazzBlest, also available for purchase are two gorgeous and compelling anthems that expand the reach and appeal of this Christian Eucharist. Eight Winds is a powerful Prelude or Offertory Anthem that integrates the Eight Winds of the Buddhist tradition with the pre-eminent Christian message that love trumps all else. And Rio Alegre