TWO-DAY SUMMER JAZZ WORKSHOP for Middle/High School & College Students

Watertown, MA, United States

Leitmotif Studio

2:00 PM

Friday July 28th & Sunday July 30th, 2PM-5PM.

Friday July 28th & Sunday July 30th, 2PM-5PM
Fee: $85

This ‘hands-on’ workshop will focus on improvisation and small-ensemble playing. Students will have a chance to put theory into practice and learn interpretation of standards, explore musicianship and improve performance skills, in an environment designed to nurture their growth as musicians, both technically and creatively.

This is a unique opportunity for students to study with pianist Ramona Borthwick, a gifted educator with three decades of mentoring musicians of all ages, and guitarist Noel Borthwick, CTO at Cakewalk, who has conducted several successful jazz workshops in the past.

Two 3-hour sessions will be held at the Leitmotif Studio. The second session will culminate with a jam/performance in the studios informal setting that will be open to family and friends. (Seating is limited). To register e-mail or call 617-395-8113. Fees are due at the time of registration in order to reserve a spot

Venue Details

301 Waverley Ave.
Watertown, MA 02472
United States