Just watched a rare &  rich documentary that explores the art & science of music from every possible angle. PBS’ “The Music Instinct: Science and Song,” rambles intricately through topics such as anthropology, neurobiology, psychology, physics and more, presenting these concepts through demonstrations and recordings of musicians, including a cockatoo hip to rhythm. It was wonderful to hear scientific researchers talk about the social and emotional aspects of music and how these are decidedly meshed with science. Regardless of whether one is a musician or not, it explains why we feel a primal neccessity to experience and create music within ourselves and with others. And the black hole that sings (ok, ‘drones’ may be a better choice of a word) at a Bb pitch, 57 octaves below the middle C. Try and catch this one of a kind documentary on PBS if you can, or rent or buy the DVD – it’s totally worth it.