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ONE OF US | 2009

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Ramona Borthwick (piano, kbd, voice)
Ingrid Jensen (trumpet)
Noel Borthwick (guitar)
Johannes Weidenmueller (bass)
Adam Cruz (drums)


"Borthwick, who authored all the pieces in this self- produced and self-released CD, walks both sides of the street, playing excellent, if not quite distinctive, straightahead piano throughout, while adding her shimmering, wordless soprano lines to selected ensembles along the way."
JOHN McDONOUGH, DownBeat Magazine
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<a href="">A New Leaf by Ramona Borthwick</a>
A NEW LEAF | 2006

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Ramona Borthwick (piano, voice)
Phil Grenadier (trumpet)
Noel Borthwick (guitar)
Fernando Huergo (bass)
Ziv Ravitz (drums)
Esperanza Spalding (voice on 2 & 9)


"On this new CD, Ramona Borthwick's first, she displays a wonderful talent for composition and imagination in the various settings she chose for the pieces. Her playing is also creative and energetic. If this is her first installment, we can eagerly keep track of Ramona's coming chapters. Something nice is developing here."
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